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January 4, 2019 91boldstreet

What is a Website Audit?

Some of us may get overwhelmed when we hear of website audit or immediately shy away because fixing it sounds troublesome. Fact is, anything WRONG with your website can get fixed!

First things first, A Website SEO Audit is a comprehensive analysis of everything impacting the visibility of your website. By completing an audit, you’ll know what you need to fix to increase your search engine ranking.

In order to effectively run an audit, you will need to use an SEO audit tool. Sites like RavenTools, SEMRush and Moz are great for a site audit for any online business and offer trials. Free SEO Audit tools are available too. After you select a software, you’ll provide your URL domain, and the web crawlers will analyze your site. Once the audit is complete you’ll have receive an SEO score based on the following factors:

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💥site speed





💥 broken links

💥 internal links

💥 duplicate content

The SEO analysis will also examine all landing pages. It is also recommended that your website is mobile friendly.

Website audits give owners a more in-depth understanding as to why they’re not getting many site visits, conversions or sales. On the flip side, you’ll also know what you’re doing right.

While it’s not required, an audit report should provide you with a site health ranking, so you know where you stand before and after the issues are fixed.

And if you find yourself not knowing where to start, feel free to contact us.

We’ll take care of the dirty work!

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